47 Things To Do In Quarantine – 2021 Edition

We thought 2021-would test negative for Mrs. COVID, but somehow a she doesn’t care what we think. So rude.

No matter if you entered this year in sweatpants or glitter, with or without motivation, why not find new activities to do and new skills to learn!

I like to find activites that either:
A) Make an impact on my current career
B) Make me understand the world a little bit better intellectually
C) Brins me joy just for the sake of bringing me joy.

The key here is that it has to be something you can learn from home, for free, and that you can start doing now, because you’re bored now, am I right! Let’s go!

Things to do in quarantine – blogging

Hear it first hand – starting a blog is not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. At all. But it’s such a fun place to share what you’re passionate about, and you can literally write about anything! Read my post about what it’s like to start a blog right here!


Even learning how to take better photos with an iPhone can be so cool! Our cameras today – professional cameras or not – can take insanely good pictures, if you just learn how to take advantage of lights and settings!

I bought a camera last year that I am still trying to figure out how to use, so I can shoot great content. It’s a J-O-U-R-N-E-Y.

Find Your Love Language

The 5 love languages are: words of affirmationquality timephysical touchacts of service, and receiving gifts.

Knowing your own love language and knowing what other people’s love languages are can make your relationships so much stronger.

There is a book about it, but you can take the test here!

Take the Ennegram personality test

The test describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. There are 9 different types, and you can take the test here!

I turned out as type three “The Achiever” and type two “The giver”. What are you?

Learn About Vlogging, YouTube and Editing

Even if you’re not planning on becoming a vlogger, editing videos is such a good skill to learn – influencer or not. Why not go and learning about how to make money from YouTube – there are so many ways to do it. You don’t need expensive gear to start a channel or to make videos for fun, again – your iPhone is perfect and there are lots of free editing programs online.

Learn About the North Korean Regime

My favorite YouTube channel to watch is “The voice of North Korea by Yeonmi Park”. She’s a twenty-something korean girl who escaped North Korea and explains what things are like inside the regime. It’s terrifying. Her videos are coming from such a personal and geniuen place. She’s just amazing. Here’s an example:

Learn where ALL countries in the world are

I can point all countries out in Europe, South- and North America, next up is Africa. I learn it through this site here! Please join me, it’s very addicting

Learn how to start a podcast

Because why not!

Learn how to play an instrument

Come on, you’re the next John Mayer, and we all know it.

Learn about food that benefits you

Whatever allergy you have, this is the time to learn how to take care of it. If you just can’t stop eating sugar, learn how you could replace some of it. I’m no health expert, so I’m not gonna dive deep into this, but hey, maybe you should! I’m just here to give you the ideas, okay.

Learn how to cook and bake

Pinterest and YouTube are your best friends.

Learn about goal setting

It’s 2021 and you probably have some New Year resolutions written down somewhere. If you have a history of setting goals and forgetting about them after approximately 5 minutes, you’re not alone.

By learning how to set realistic SMART-goals, making vision boards and whatever works for you so you’ll actually achieve your goals this time, would be such a good confidence boost!

Personally I started the “walk 10,000 steps a day-challenge”, which doesn’t take much effort, but hey – babysteps and consistency.

Print your photos!

We take more photos than ever, and I’m sure you have some great memories stored somewhere on your computer and iPhone. Pick out your favorites, maybe edit them, print them out, frame them and hang them on your wall!

Learn how to make cocktails

Mango margs, I’m ready for you.

Write a bucket list

You can find lots of inspiration on YouTube and maybe even Google other people’s bucket lists too. Maybe ask a friend to write one too today, and talk about how you’re gonna make them happen. Climbing Mount Everst, swimming with Dolphins or eat 20 crossaints in a day – whatever your heart desires – put it on the list!

Print it out or write it in your notebook.

Learn sign language

Honestly, I think you’re the coolest human if you learn this one.

Update your accounts

Your work resumé, your LinkedIn, your Instagram photo, whatever you use. It’s time to update it. Get a new profile pic, ask a friend how they think you can improve your material, update your show reel or your portfolio – make it all look better and more professional.

Learn about gardening

I mean, a tiny garden in your kitchen window counts too, I think. Or buy a plant. I swear, plant mom’s and mom-mom’s are equally as passionate about their babies.

Send a letter! Yes, in the mail!

Okay, I know it sounds f*cking ridiculous, but hear me out:

How HAPPY would you be, if someone sent you a letter out of nowhere. You can even print an old photo of whoever you’re sending it to, and just wish them a Happy New year. Or send them a photo of Zac Efron. Everyone would love that.

Wash your hands before you write it. Don’t send a chemical-corona-weapon in a letter.

Learn about interior design and make your crib shine

DIY-projects, wallpaper, re-painting your furniture, replacing your pillows, printing out photos (i’m telling you it’s a good idea), making your bathroom look cute, because according to my roommate: “A BATHROOM IS NOT JUST A BATHROOM” but it’s a sacred place – switch things up!

If you’re an Instagram-kind-of-person, try to take a picture of the room you want to upgrade, put it on your story and ask your followers what they think you should do to make it more cute! Otherwise, Pinterest, YouTube and Google Searches like: “How To Decorate Very Small Rooms On A Budget” can be extremely valuable too.

Learn self defense

I’m being so serious, actually. Imagine spending 10 minutes of learning how to defend yourself. Those 10 minutes could be the most valuable 10 minutes you’ve ever watched.

There aer LOTS of videos like this online.

Drawing, painting and design

Obviously, painting requires paint, but you can also learn how to draw and design logos online for instance! There are lots of free programs for digital designs, and let’s be honest – becoming great at logo design could be an entire side hustle for you! (Read about why having a side hustle is a good idea here!)

Learn a new langauge

A classic. Or just brush up on that second language you kinda-sorta learned in High School. We know there are lots of free Apps like DuoLingo, but YouTube also has LOTS of awesome videos.

20 minutes of learning a language a day is 30 hours of language-learning in 3 months. That’s a lot.

Relearn through YouTube

I LOVE re-learning things, like the basics of politics for instance. How the different political systems work around the world, who the state leaders are and their histories, brushing up on NATO, EU and the UN an typing in “The [insert name]-war explained in 15 minutes” on YouTube. I typically find myself deep into documentaries 3 hours later.

Here we have “The Vietnam War explained in 13 minutes” for instance.

It gives you so much more understanding of what’s going on today, if you know and remember what happened in the past.

Relearn through movies

If YouTube-videos don’t sound appealing to you, there are luckily LOTS of great Hollywood-movies about the different wars and historic events. That’s definitely good too and the other upside is that you get to look someone like Bradley Cooper in American Sniper for 2 hours and 14 minutes.

Improve your dating life

Learning by doing is awesome, so download those dating Apps, go on FaceTime dates or listen to the cutest brit in the game, Matthew Hussey. Man or woman, you will fall in love with him.

Advice on how to text, how to talk to someone in a bar, why you get attracted to the wrong people – and he keeps it fun and light. Check him out here! Very entertaining.

Get ready to fall in love. @matthewhussey on Instagram.


This is NOT just for dancers. There are follow-along fitness dance videos online, you can learn how to do ballroom with your significant other in the living room tonight, learn “How To Dance At A Party” , or just try a fun new style you’ve never tried before!


I wouldn’t be able to gather enough patience for this activity, but hey, maybe it’s for you! Get that knitting on!

Sewing and wardrobe DIY

Yoo, if you can learn how to make cool clothes from your old clothes or turn thrifted clothes into something fashionable, you’re saving lots of $$ in the long run AND you might turn into he coolest and most unique kid on the block. Pinterest and YouTube will teach you everything.

Like transforming Nike socks into a top. Why not!

Be your own Hair, Make-up and Nail Lady

Learn how to do your hair, do a natural make-up, an audition makeup, party makeup, how to do a french manicure with drug store products, or if you’re a huuuge nail-gal, you might wanna invest a littl $$ and learn how to do acryllic nails.

Hey, mastering just one of the above can A) save you time and money B) Give you a side hustle.

Learn how to do basic CPR

And save a life.

Learn how to act

Meryl Streep watch out! This is my acting coach in LA, her name is Susan Giosa, she’s amazing and offer online classes too. Obviously, her program is not free, but why not throw a reccommendation in here!

Look into volunteering in other countries

Ever thought about working at a lion rescue farm in Africa or volunteer at an orphanage? There are so many programs out there with organisations working on all sorts of projects all over the world.

If you want to experience another culture, travel and make a difference but you don’t have a lot of money, this is definitely for you.

Take care of your injuries

The back problem you’ve had for 98 years, the neck problems and your little injuries here and there. You could do a couple of exercises a day to make them go away, but you never really have the time. Well, now you do. Let’s go. I’ll do mine, you’ll do yours.

Wash your hands

And wear a f*cking mask.

Learn how to sing

You’ll do your roommates a favor. Just kidding, you’re amazing sweetie. But also, go learn on YouTube.

Learn about the nerdy stuff

Learn about the universe, the cells in your body, what happens when you get dehydrated, when we laugh, when we cry, dream, why planes can fly, what happens when you get alzheimer or when you fall in love.

Being nerdy and intelligent is hot. And that’s that.

Learn about anything psychology

We all have our issues and fears, and we’re so fortunate with the free therapy, advice and guidance we can find online. Like how to overcome anxiety, social anxiety, fear of public speaking, fear of not being good enough or fear of judgement… it’s all there. Sit down with a cup of tea an afternoon and look into your number one block, and learn a little bit about why you think and feel like you do.

Becoming aware is step one to overcome it.

Things to do in quarantine – Get fit or whatever

As IF this one didn’t cross your mind ever before. Next.

Anything yoga, meditation and stretching

You better be able to impress everyone in the local bar with your splits when all of this BS is over.

Watch Behind The Scenes material on your favorite movies

It’s so insane to see what’s actually going on on set. Lately I’ve watched lots of BTS on Joker and how he starved himself to prepare for the role, and then obviously I’ve watched lots of BTS action on Jurrassic World. I’m very sad the dinosaurs aren’t real. Ever wondered what it was like for the actors in TED to talk to the air throughout the entire movie?

It’s ALL waiting for you.

I wanna be the guy in the dinosaur suit, PLEASE UNIVERSE.

FaceTime your best friend(s) and plan where you should travel to when this is over

I haven’t done this yet, but I thought about making a fun Google Docs document, that everyone would be able to add destinations/hotels/activities to. I think that would be cute, and you’d end up with a little collage of fun and travel. Could also just be a doc over activities in your own country!

Clean your sneakers

We all know they look gross and dirty. Or is that just me?

Pick a topic from today’s news and dive into it

Let’s say Brexit is on the news today. Go all the way back, jump into the black YouTub- hole learn about when, what, why and who from the beginning.

Doesn’t sound fun? – WELL it is! OR if you see Britney Spears on the news today, go back and listen to her Toxic-album and watch a documentary about her, alright. You can do a light version of it too.

Learn magic tricks (I’m running out of ideas now)

Honestly, if you actually learn a magic trick, please share it on your IG story and tag me, I’d love to see that.

Share more/less on social media

If you’re always just watching other people’s stuff and not sharing a lot of things yourself, maybe now is the time! Who f*cking cares if other people think it’s “cringy”, start sharing more of what you do or what you’re passionate about. Social media can definitely be a not-so-good place to be mentally (which is why I added “share less on social media” to the ones that maybe need it), but it’s a cool platform to voice what you love and what you’re passionate about!



What did I forget? What do you want to add to the “things to do in quarantine” list?

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