Originally from Denmark, Matilda (or Mathilde) is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher based in Los Angeles and signed to MSA Talent Agency.

Her daily work consists of dancing and choreography in the commercial entertainment industry all over the world. She’s worked in areas ranging from music videos to award shows, commercials, residencies and live tours, and TV and film. She’s been based in Denmark, the USA, China, and Dubai and loves creating in dynamic, diverse, and multicultural environments.

Matilda’s American credits include:

  • Keke Palmer
  • Apple Music
  • Natti Natascha
  • 2 Seasons, Fox’s “Call Me Kat”
  • Disney’s Camp Rock: Bop to the Top Tour
  • Netflix’s “The Switch Up”
  • Super Bowl Pre-Show
  • Gucci
  • Marco Antonio Solis
  • Thalia
  • Netflix’s “That 90s Show”
  • Soul Train Awards
  • Ubisoft’s “Just Dance”
  • Power Rangers


Before moving to the United States, she was based in China. Here, she toured with C-pop artists such as Jane Zhang and ZTao and starred in mega-productions like Chinese Music Awards, China’s Next Topmodel, Chinese X Factor, and well-known shows like “Supergirl” that draws 300 million viewers per episode.

Mathilde has trained her whole life in hip-hop, ballet, jazz funk, heels, and contemporary. Her passion for teaching led her to teach on a 3-month teaching tour in Asia and at world-known studios like Millennium Dance Complex LA and Base, London. In 2019, Mathilde founded an Online Dance Mentorship program for Danish dancers to help young dancers pursue their dreams in the international dance industry.  

In Denmark, Mathilde has a 10-year-long background in competition hip-hop, ballet, and jazz-funk and frequently judges competitions like the Danmark Danser and Kaufmann Cup. After graduating from Copenhagen Dance Education in 2015, she danced in Denmark’s Got Talent, X Factor Denmark, The Royal Theater, and with artists like Tessa. She also recently choreographed for the Danish TV series “Mabinooz.”

Matilda was a principal at the BABYLON residency in Dubai, UAE, and loves combining her love for dance with traveling and exploring new cultures.

Matilda lives in Hollywood, and when she’s not training at the studios, auditioning, or working, she enjoys surfing, hiking, skiing, blogging, and exploring the city.

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