Are you a perfectionist? You need to listen to this podcast!

Podcast talk: Have you ever been at a job interview or a meeting, and proudly announced that you’re a perfectionist as if it’s something good? Me too.

We think being a perfectionist means being someone who is always doing things perfectly at all time, but in reality, perfectionists are people who’re scared of not being perfect.

The upside of being a perfectionist

You’ll 100% be able to meet a deadline.

The downside of being a perfectionist

Things like people-pleasing, overthinking, burning out, constantly working, procrastinating, scared of not being good enough, being in an all-or-nothing mindset, and soo much more – and even when things are going really well, you still think you aren’t perfect enough.

This is the podcast you need

Sam Laura Brown, a perfectionist coach and founder of “Perfectionists Getting Sh*t done” created a podcast called “The Perfectionism Project”, that will change your perfectionist mindset once for all.

The podcast is insanely relatable, not preachy at all, it’s not spiritual or religious – I just find myself sitting there and nodding my head to every single thing Sam says.

The style of the podcast

Sam Laura Brown is so encouraging, clear, positive and real. She’s bringing in so many stories from her own life as a “recovering perfectionist” and isn’t scared to share her failures with you too, which makes you feel less alone in the world. It feels like you’re just having a little “life-chat” with your best friend in the car.

Personally, I am still struggling with being a perfectionist to my core, but every single episode I am listening to, helps me one step in the right direction.

My favorite part is that it’s very practical and that the advice and messages are super clear, so it’s easy to implement it in your own life.

That’s something productive brains LOVE, right? How-To-Guides for the win!.

How The Perfectionist Podcast helped me personally

It helped me get out of my own way when it comes to dance, self-promotion on in real life when I talk to people about what I do and self-promotion on Social media. It helped me take the pressure off auditions, it affected how I now run my online business big time, it changed how I look at myself in general and it made me realize how much I’ve always chained my self worth to my productivity.

(If we don’t know each other, maybe you want to come say hi on Instagram @mathilde.veje , subsrribe on YouTube here OR read the “37 things you didn’t know abou me” here!)

The podcast helped me stop glorifying the popular “hustle, grind, kill, f*ck, money, #TeamNoSleep”-culture that slowly but steady crawled under my skin after moving to LA.

I promise you, bags under your eyes in LA is much cooler than a designer bag under your arm. Which is not sustainable or healthy, in case you’re in doubt.

The podcast is for you if…

… you want to overcome perfectionism and you’re ready to get called out on your bullsh*t in the absolute nicest and realest way possible. If you want to:

  • Get out of your own way
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Getting out of the all-or-nothing mindset
  • Learn how to rest without feeling guilt

And learn how to not let your self worth depend on a job or a pay check.. The Perfectionism Project is for you.

Oh yea! Did I mention that Sam is Australian? I swear, it’s impossible to sound anything but friendly and lovely when you have an Australian accent. Love it.

Podcast Sam Laura Brown

My favorite episodes

1. How to meet deadlines without burning out

2. Remember this when you feel like nothing’s working

3. Beating yourself up versus holding yourself accountable

4. Why perfectionists burn out + how to avoid it

5. How I realized I’m a perfectionist

6. 5 reasons you need a not-to-do list”

7. 10 subtle ways your all-or-nothing mindset is keeping you stuck

8. What to do when being more couragous in your business is not paying off yet

9. 10 things you shouldn’t do when you’re trying to overcome perfectionism

10. But what if I suck at it?

She made 200 episodes, and I’ve litterally listened to every single one of them. Go give it a listen, and let me know what you think! I’d definitely recommend to listen to “How I realized I’m a perfectionist” first!

Where can I find the podcast?

“The Perfectionism Project” by Sam Laura Brown can be found on:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Itunes
  • Soundcloud
  • Stitcher

Where can I follow her?

Check out her website here or follow her on Instagram (@samlaurabrown)


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