* Blink twice if you’re alive * updates from the West Coast

To be honest with you, I had absolutely no effing clue if this blog would *ever* make a comeback.

After a full pandemic year of writing about my dance life, experiences, tips and tricks, what China, LA, Paris and Denmark was like, what dance educations, auditions, moving and agencies are like, spending a hundred hours of learning about SEO, algorithms and webdesign, something really cool happened – the pageviews and amount of readers went up, up, up and up – but then…

It stopped.

Because I got my life back. I flew back to Los Angeles. And I completely stopped looking at my computer screen for hours and hours a day. How can you look down, when you’re surrounded by palm trees?

I had been writing about the life that was for so long, and now it was time to, you know, live my life again, I guess.

Here’s a fast little recap of spring and summer in Los Angeles:

Got vaccinated in April (Pfizer gang!), auditions slowly started back up, danced on music videos, renewed my visa for 3 more years (sounds so casual, but it was one HELL of a process and came with lots of sleepless nights, oceans of tears and costed more money than I had imagined), been taking TONS of classes (all masked up at all times), kept running my Online Dance Program for Danish dancers, work studied at Millennium Dance Complex every week, started teaching the Junior Program at Millennium, started teaching kids and teenagers at Studio B in West Hollywood, finally started doing live shows (!!), did lots of at-home commercial ad shoots, worked two movie premieres in Hollywood, and M-O-V-E-D. 4 f*cking times(!) in 3 months. But now I’m settled in Korea Town, which you 900% know if you follow me on Instagram @mathilde.veje. It’s such a cute newyorker apartment, and I’ve never lived anywhere like this ever in my life – I’ll show you in another post.

But how are you feeling?

I’m waking up with adrenaline in my Scandinavian sore body every single day. I would estimate that those chemichals are rooted in 50% excitement about being here and 50% anxiety about being here. Going from complete isolation for a year to being thrown back into auditiong, living so day-to-day, not knowing about the next paycheck and constantly being surrounded by so many people and energies all the time is definitely something you need to adapt to again. But I don’t want it in any other way.

But I love this city and this path to pieces and I cannot imagine not living here.

I reunited with so many friends, lost other friendships, did intensives with my dream choreographers, have had tons of trips to the beach, a trip to Northern California to see Lake Tahoe and Mammoth in a van for a couple of days, I just got back from San Fransisco on a cute little weekend trip, and over all I’m just feeling.. extremely happy and under pressure, you know? That probably sounds like the most horrible thing ever to a lot of people, but hey-ho, that’s the life I chose.

The (in)consistency of lovenotestola

If you talk to any blogger, social media person, gym-rat or literally just anyone who is having any sort of success with what they’re doing, I think everyone will agree that “consistency is key”. Have I been consistent on here? No, ma’am.

But lately more and more dancers from different countries have been reaching out to me about my older post that they somehow found on Google, so I think that kinda sparked a little “hey-maybe-we-should-keep-writing” in me.

Instagram is the spot

Instagram is most definitely the platform I use the most (to a point where I’m like, uhmmm, why are people still following me because this is a lot), but if you wanna come hang virtually on the daily with me here in LA, that’s the spot! @mathilde.veje

Lastly – if there’s literally A N Y T H I N G you want to read about, do not hesistate. Let me know!

Sending love from me, my coffee and my blanket on my firescape at 06.46 on a beautiful Wednesday morning.

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