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Goal setting – My personal monthly goals! How to be productive, not busy.

Goal setting – Learning how to be productive and not just busy, has been the hardest thing for me personally. Maybe you’re a “To-Do-List-Queen” like me, who loves waking up to a prewritten list of 40 things you need to get done.

It gives you an adrenaline kick to run around from early morning to late night, trying to accomplish all these things. It makes you feel stressed and busy – and busy means that you’ll be successful… right?

Nope. Not necessarily. Being busy simply just means being busy.

Instead of filling up your day with things that makes you feel productive, what are the few tasks you actually need to do in order to move forward?

Examples on being “busy, not productive”

In my business: I spent SO many hours picking colours for my webpage. But I spent 0 hours on promoting it, because that was too scary. I spent all day writing, and asked myself why I didn’t get more pageviews? Well – Because I didn’t have the courage to do that one important task: promoting!

I spent 7 hours a day on the easy task and the tasks I liked, so I could convince myself that I was “too busy” to do the scary stuff. Face your fears, my love.

In school: Same thing! You do the easy homework for Friday, instead of doing the hard homework for tomorrow.

In dance: You spend SO much time rehearsing choreographies you’re already good at and that feels good, so you’re too busy to practice what you’re not good at yet. You go to classes that boost your ego, but avoid the classes that aren’t “as fun” because they’ll push you and challenge you. That’s being busy – not productive.

goal setting personal goals

Why power-planning is important

With powerplanning, you literally schedule when you’re not working first. You make sure that you don’t work 14 hours a day – hi, that’s me, and I’m trying to get rid of that habit.

(Go read “Freelancing – 16 things I wish I knew before I started” right here!)

With powerplanning you make a weekly realistic plan. Powerplanning is realizing that you have to do couragous things that actually produce results, instead of a long list of tasks that doesn’t really matter but makes you feel good about yourself.

This is me. I am the person with the to-do list! Let’s try to do things differently!

When you have an endless to-do list you don’t acknowledge two things:

  1. You’re a human and you can do anything but not e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-ng.
  2. There’s only so many hours in a day

You need to focus on the couragous things instead

Be honest with yourself – what is actually important in order to move forward? What takes courage? What’s uncomfortable? That’s what you need to focus on.

Let’s stop spending 6 hours on the easy tasks so we “unfortunately” don’t have time to face our fears.

Clean rest – my actual nemesis

I am not my program or my blog or dance. I am Mathilde. Or Matilda, if you want to be international. And only by doing some clean rest every day where I don’t work, I’ll stop using my work as a tool to feel good enough. Your work and your passion is not a tool for validation.

So what is clean rest? Clean rest is not checking e-mails, not being on your phone while watching TV… not working. And not thinking about work. It’s resting. Resting without guilt.

Taking a step back from your work will make you more motivated and excited to get back into it.

My personal goals for the month

That’s what you’re here for! I’m not sharing my financial goals, but hey – there are lots of other fun goals I can show you! My goals are more specific than I am writing them on here, but it’s just to give you an idea!


  • Go back to the States (Tasks: buy plane tickets, order 14 days in a hotel, schedule COVID test, fill out visa applications, pack)
  • Start a new group of Online Dance Program Students (season #7)
    (Tasks: promote the program, send out e-mails, talk to students who’re in doubt, look through applications feb. 28th, start program March 9th) If you live in Denmark, check out the program here!
  • Start the new Online Program 2.0 (Girly & Confident)
    (Make 6 choreographies, film them, do tutorials for them, edit videos, write the assignments, promote the program to old students first, promote to everyone IG+FB on feb 16th. Start program March 9th.)
    If you live in Denmark and you’re interested in a Girly hiphop program with LOTS of female impowerment e-mail me (vejemathilde@gmail.com), and I’ll send you the deets!


  • Send love notes to my friends
    (I’ve sent letters & packages to friends all over the States, Canada, Sweden, Ireland and Australia, and need to send a couple more before I leave!)
  • Eat dinner with my family 5 days a week
  • Go see my sister and brother in Copenhagen a couple of days before I leave Denmark.


  • Write 2 blog post a week
  • Finish blog content calendar from feb-june
  • Make a free goal-setting guide for everyone on the e-mail list (out now! Sign up on the e-mail list below to get it!)
  • Get 100 subscribers to the e-mail list (just made it to 103 last night, yayy! My heart literally skips a beat when I see someone signs up.. If you want to join, come join it! It’s free!)
  • Reach [this number is private :-)] pageviews on the blog per month.

Physical health

  • Schedule doctor appointment for my jaw (it’s clicking and cracking, ugh!)
  • Dentist check
  • Physiotherapy once a week
  • Do the 10 min ab routine and 10 min glute routine every day
  • Bottle of WATER not can of coffee next to me when I work 🙂

Mental health

  • Clean rest every day after 6 PM. (Already broke this one.. but I’m trying)
  • Take a break every day at 2PM (I start working at 6.30 AM every day, so my brain needs it!)
  • Only ONE device at a time. (Practice not multitasking by being on my phone while watching TV or checking e-mails while talking to a friend on the phone)

… And then I have my financial goals 🙂

personal goal setting

Last month’s goals

I like to do fun little challenges – like last month I walked 10,000 steps a day, which was fine but not lifechanging. Since the challenge stopped, I definitely didn’t continue walking. But it’s really fun to implement new things in your day-to-day life to see what works and what doesn’t! Once I land in the States I want to try a jump-rope challenge, I think?

If you have a fun challenge, comment below, I’ll do it unless it means I can’t drink coffee!

After entering the States

When I enter the States on March 15th, my goals and priorities are gonna do a 360. Back to dancing, castings, “leveling up” the amount of training, healthier eating habits (as you can see on my Instagram @mathilde.veje , I’m currently eating 500 crossaints a week at the moment which is great when I’m not working dance jobs, but that will change! Good thing bakery’s aren’t great in the States).

We are constantly growing and changing, so our goals should change too! I’m excited for this month and I’m excited to switch it all up again in a month from now!

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What are your goals?

Let’s do our monthly goal setting together and hold each other accountable! You can either comment below or DM me on Instagram @mathilde.veje ! Remember goal setting should be FUN!



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