Life update: Leaving Denmark

Life update: I came back from L.A to Denmark in March 2020.

You know, because of the pandemic. I was sure I’d be able to fly back to the States after a week or two. “No big deal, it’s over soon”…

I can’t count on two hands how many times I’ve been asked:

“So how long are you staying in Europe for?” the past year. Valid question.

The first 6 months I kept saying: “Uhm… maybe another month” … which turned into two months, three months, four months, five months..

Gave up the apartment in L.A after 6 months.
(watch the “moving out of L.A”-vlog here)

An now we’re here.

11 months later. It’s February.

And I have to move on now. Been waiting for the right timing to leave for 11 months now, but I realized that there will never come a right time before my American visa expires.

There is no right time, all there is – is time.

I am glad, I went back to Europe.

I really am. I’ve been the most safe. I’ve been with my family and seen them more than I have in total the past 5 years. I have had a roof over my head, food on the table, free health care. I’ve had work. Had more time to teach and taking in more Online students for my program. Got to do an Award Show.

In the summer where COVID in Europe was on the lowest I had the chance to teach in Belgium and to go on a little solo trip to Milan.

It’s been bad, it’s been emotionally exhausting, there has been lots and lots of break downs and tears like – i’m sure there has for you too, but it’s been… alright, you know?

But I miss my friends

I am tired of voice-messaging and FaceTime. I miss California. I miss what I consider as home, dance and everything that comes with living there.

I’ve been doing my absolute best to try and fill what feels like a massive hole in my heart (dramatic, I know), but I can’t think of more things to do now. So even though it makes me nervous, now is the time. Even though I’m just gonna sit in quarantine in warmer weather, I need to move.

So March 1st I’m going back. And I think, that’s the life update.

I understand, why it can be hard to understand. But my biggest wish for anyone out there, is that you follow your intuition and do what you think is best for you. While washing your hands, wearing your mask and quarantining properly.

I just ordered my plane tickets to a country in South America I have to quarantine in for 15 days. (I better start taking notes from my own “47 things to do in quarantine”-list here).

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