Things You Didn't Know About Me
I've seen a lot of people write these "Things You Didn't Know About Me" post's, and since I enjoy reading
Make Money During A Pandemic
Yes. Make money during a pandemic. Sounds impossible? It's not. I get it - money is the most embarrassing and
Majority of the artists I've crossed paths with in my life have all faced some degree of rejection and lack
What Is Orbiting
You already know "Netflix and Chill". You know what "ghosting" is. But have you ever heard of "orbiting"? No? WELL
He Is Too Busy
Ever said: "He is too busy to respond"? Yea? Me too. Ladies - we need to check ourselves. Myself included.
“ The ick ” is one of the most common phenomenon’s in relationships. And it's the absolute worst. You just
I love traveling. And I love dancing. So traveling for dance is my favorite thing in the entire world. The
The Types Of Guys You Meet On Dating Apps - Through what would qualify as career of swiping left and
Show Me Yours And I'll Show You Mine - sounds kinda sexual, doesn't it? I'll explain. Not a lot of