LA is the biggest pretend-city in the whole world. I know it, you know it, we all know it. Love
Things To Do When Visiting LA - Listen, you can only see the Hollywood sign so many times until it
Period cramps - "Is it that time of the month?" If you mean that time of the month where I
Hi, hello, welcome to the little K-town home here in LA! IG @mathilde.veje xxx
To be honest with you, I had absolutely no effing clue if this blog would *ever* make a comeback. After
Mexico City
A segment on this blog I don't update too often [read: never] is the "my life" section. I, like many
goal setting my goals
Goal setting - Learning how to be productive and not just busy, has been the hardest thing for me personally.
Life update: I came back from L.A to Denmark in March 2020. You know, because of the pandemic. I was
Growing up I would spend hours and hours watching YouTube videos of my dance-superheros training and rehearsing in front of
We thought 2021-would test negative for Mrs. COVID, but somehow a she doesn't care what we think. So rude. No