Starting a blog is such a fun, yet slightly intimidating experience. It's such a cool way to create a little
hi, angels! A little december vlog with a mental health update and a fun little travel vlog from Los Angeles
If you didn’t lose your job in 2020, if your financial situation is fine (Amazon I’m looking at you), if
Award show, rehearsals, moving, teaching, Germany trip, acting classes and most importantly: simultaneously trying to figure out my life in
Things You Didn't Know About Me
I've seen a lot of people write these "Things You Didn't Know About Me" post's, and since I enjoy reading
Make Money During A Pandemic
Yes. Make money during a pandemic. Sounds impossible? It's not. I get it - money is the most embarrassing and
I love traveling. And I love dancing. So traveling for dance is my favorite thing in the entire world. The
Show Me Yours And I'll Show You Mine - sounds kinda sexual, doesn't it? I'll explain. Not a lot of