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My life – Mathilde in Mexico City

A segment on this blog I don’t update too often [read: never] is the “my life” section. I, like many others like to think: “Uhm, is there anything to say about my life that wouldn’t bore people to death?”.

I get it, we want to share that 0.0001% of our lives named: “accomplishments”, but there is so much beauty in the normal day-to-day things that makes us all… human.

So I’ll try to update this a bit more. Let’s start here in Mexico City, where I’ve been for 10 days now. Hi and hello.

Let’s summarize why I’m in Mexico City

I’ve been SO scared of people thinking that I’m on vacation in a country where COVID is exploding, the hospitals are at 0% capacity and where the Mexican gangs and mafia have taken over the oxygen-tank industry, so getting oxygen now is much more expensive than drugs, which is why many old people die from COVID at home at the moment.

I’m not kidding, it was on the news.

So yea, no, it’s not vacation. And I’m gonna say this one more time for the poeple in the back: I’m going home to Los Angeles, and since there’s a EU travel ban, I couldn’t fly straight from Europe to the States. I had to come here for 14 days and basically just wait.

I don’t want COVID, and I’m really being overly careful. That’s why I didn’t wanted to go to Cancun, Tulum or any of the other party-places where lots of especially Americans (no shade, but it’s true) go at the moment to rage without masks, and don’t give two sh*ts about the global pandemic.

I thought a little nice hotel room in Mexico City would be better. And safer. And cheaper.

mexico city

The need to be alone to not feel lonely

If you know me, you know I love solo traveling.
(Read “Why you should solo travel at least once in your life” right here!)

And if you know me, you know, I need alone time. Lots of alone time. No matter if I’m in love with you, if you’re my family member or my best friend, if I don’t get alone time I start to feel incredibly lonely.

It seems backwards, but I’m extremely introverted. I can be extroverted when I need to be (look at the attention-demanding career I picked that screams middle child syndrome), but if I can’t be alone for at least a couple of hours a day, I get so stressed out.

Slowly feeling like myself again

I think the past year has been the biggest identity crisis of all time – mainly for those of us who’s careers have been completely cancelled. When you’re not able to get that confidence boost and feel good about yourself from your accomplishments, that triggers a lot of anxiety.

I haven’t felt like myself, because I’ve been out of my creative enviornment, haven’t seen my friends for a whole year, and it’s just been.. a lot.

But moving on to the positive!

Since landing in Mexico, I finally started to feel like myself again. Listening to podcasts, dancing in my underwear, doing whatever I want, going for walks, enjoying the sun, drinking coffee, journaling, writing.. It’s like: “Hey, okay, Mathilde is back”. My cronic headaches and neck problems have almost vanished, my jaw problems are gone,.. it’s so wild how our body physically can hold so much tension when we’re in a bad mental space.

It’s like that tension has disappeared.

My “boring” day-to-day

I’m still incredibly jetlagged so my days start somewhere between 2-5 AM. Great.

Then I go down to my local Mexican fruit guy, Charlie, who stands at the corner every day from 6AM and cuts out fresh mango, melon and papaya for me. I’m gonna miss that a lot. Mainly because it’s like 2 dollars for a huge bowl. I bring the food to my room, make some coffee, check my e-mails, prepare my online dance program things, go to the hotel gym and work out, and then I send out e-mails.

Lots. Of. E-mails.

When I’m getting to LA, I’m going in 8 days isolation, but I am also moving into a new apartment which is a bit stressful to be honest. You know how it is – there are lots of logistics, new WiFi, storage unit things and so many adult things we have to deal with at the moment. It’s good things, because it means that I’ll have a home, but you know, how it can just be.. a lot.

Other boring adult-things I’ve spent 1000 hours on:

  • Getting US health care (haven’t had that at all while I’ve been living in the States in the past which is so bad, but look at me being responsible now!)
  • Figuring out how to get my stimulus checks (I’m paying taxes in the States, so give me the benefits too, merci beaucoup)
  • Ordering covid-tests and figuring out how that whole system works in the States in general etc. etc. etc.

I told you, it’s very boring. But that’s life at the moment, and I’m enjoying it so much.

I make my coffee, read a bit, shower and go to the nearest cafรฉ to get that good WiFi (MY GOODNESS THE WIFI IS SO BAD IN MY HOTEL…. literally, don’t FaceTime me ever, you’ll lose your mf mind).

So if you think I’m out partying…

I am. A huge solo party my room. Take-out every night as you can see on my Instagram (@mathilde.veje).

I think the wildest thing I’ve done is to walk to another hotel that has a rooftop pool that literally noone is using. I just walk through the lobby, flick my hair and go: “HOLAA” to the hotel staff, all confident, pretending that I live in the hotel and go to the roof.

Noone has said anything yet, but I’m such a little b*tch when it comes to authorities, so I feel incredibly bad and guilty while laying at the pool. It’s almost not worth it, since I’m so nervous they’ll kick me out.

As you can tell, I was the little angel girl in school who would never break the rules.

Are we out seeing Mexico?

So everyone is required to wear masks everywhere when you’re in public, but all stores, gyms etc. are open. I just don’t want to get that bloody virus, so I’m a bit afraid of the crowds, and therefore I’ll save the whole: go-on-excursions-and-look-at-pyramids-and-other-cultural-things to whenever the pandemic is dead and gone. Imagine if I tested positive before going to the States.

That’s an absolutely no thank you, from me.

But I’m going for long walks in the city, they have so many GORGEOUS buildings, churches, monuments, parks and I’ve definitely had my fare share of FroYo too while walking 20,000 steps a day. It’s so hot here.

And just like that, we made it through a day-to-day


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