Tips for my Blonde Girls

Tips for my blonde girls! NO “blonde is not just blonde”

There are a whole lot of physical appearance-related things I don’t care about in this world, not gonna lie, but when it comes to my blonde hair, I just need it done. No sir, “blonde is not just blonde”! We have platinum blonde, icy ash blonde, caramel beach blonde…

I worked a modeling job for Redken in January 2019 at the Redken Symposium event in Las Vegas, and that definetely taught me the difference between a hair dresser and what they refer to as being a “hair artist”. Not to hurt anyone’s feelings but it’s probably the same as the difference between a TIK-TOK dancer and a professional dancer.

10,000 hair artists flew to Vegas for the Redken Symposium from all over the world, and seeing how flipping passionate and creative these people were, was mind blowing to me. Take a look here, it’s actually pretty wild!

Blonde tips and tricks

One of the artists at Redken Symposium that I really liked hanging out and work with was Angel. It’s SO TRUE, that no job is more fun than the people you work with. I mean, obviously it’s fun too when people don’t dye your hair yellow, burn it off or cut it into a bigg-a**-mohawk when you loud and clear said “extensions“, but having good conversations and laughs are crucial as well!

Ever since Redken Symposium Angel has been doing my hair at Union Salon South. Every. Single. Time. He truly makes going to the hairdresser’s nothing but a delightful experience for a blondie like me.

Blonde hair and color correcting is his specialty and he is creative, specific and my favorite part: honest! He insists on a consultation and spends time at my appointments telling me his complete honest opinion. He just cares!

Blonde ‘s may have more fun, but our colors also needs more maintenance, and that part is not always fun – so you need the right guy! Hard water, chlorine and the California sun can change our hair so easily, so I recommend being a little picky with it comes to finding your person.

What blonde ‘s shoudl look for in an hair artist

  • Training: When it comes to trusting anyone ever with anything, really. It’s not rude to ask about their background, training and years of experience.
  • Someone that listens to you and your ideas.
  • Someone with great product knowledge.
  • Honesty – maybe you know what you want, but they know the chemical process and if it’s possible. One time, this woman tried to do what I asked for and my hair turned out yellow (no, I didn’t ask for yellow).
  • Understanding of skin tones and make-up looks! It all goes hand-in-hand, so including this in a consultation is so helpful!
  • Someone with specialty in your specific hairstyle and color!

    And then.. Don’t rush. If you don’t have half of a day, then wait until you do! You don’t want to be anxious about time, and you for sure don’t want the color to be taken out before it’s ready. Don’t rush and your experience will be way more relaxing.

What are you best tips for blondes? Let me know below!

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