Love Notes To LA

Hi, I’m Matilda!

… but it’s actually spelled M-a-t-h-i-l-d-e. A twenty-something professional dancer from Denmark, living in sunny Los Angeles.

Dance has brought me to all parts of the world to perform and teach, and I must say – it’s been quite an adventure already! I spent 7 months in China, lived in Copenhagen for a year, and spent months and months in beautiful Paris. I even tried to see what was up in New York – but somehow, I always returned to California. It took 2 years of draining paper work and a lot of yelling into a pillow to get my VISA, but now I live in LA – and I flipping love it!

I don’t know if you clicked on this page accidentally, but now that you’re here, I wanna say: thank you! Welcome to Love Notes to LA! I now consider you as a friend, whether you like it or not. And as your friend, I’m gonna tell you the truth right away since good relationships are built on trust: If you’re here to find fashion inspiration, you’re looking at the wrong girl. Unless you’re into sweatpants, and if THAT’s the case, then: HI, hello, how can I help you!

What do I get up to?

My everyday life in L.A. consists of dance training, auditioning, lots of gym sessions, exploring the city with my friends, traveling, and scrolling on TikTok like everyone else. Other activities include but are not limited to: trying to decorate my tiny studio in Hollywood on a dancer budget, being overcharged for iced coffee by society (how dare they!), trying new workout classes, writing, overthinking, spiraling about the future – you know, normal twenty-something shenanigans.  

Because of my dad’s sports career, my three siblings and I grew up in Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark. Which definitely taught me that if there is something you really want – like actually really want – you will find a way to make it happen.

And NOW – let’s try to unpack moving abroad, how to believe in yourself, freelancing, finding new friends, visas, training, and how the f*ck to have fun along the way, shall we?

If you’re a dancer – hi!

I’ve created an entire blog series for you. You can learn everything you need to know about the industry, from how to get an agent to auditions and visas to how to keep yourself motivated. Go take a look here!

If you’re very serious about your training, I am also offering an 8-week Online Dance Mentorship Program. You can read all about it right here!

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