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Being a dancer in India - I've said it before, and I'll say it again: THERE. ARE. SO. MANY. DANCE.
How To Meet New People in a new city
Trust me, I know - moving to a new city can be overwhelming enough in itself. The thought of adjusting
Dealing with change
No matter how spontaneous, adaptable and adventurous you like to think you are (hi, me), that doesn't make you immune
I am EXTREMELY excited about this week's guest blogger - A dear friend of mine, who I met on a
Side jobs i've worked
There is absolutely no shame in working a side job at any point or time in your life. Of course
Podcast talk: Have you ever been at a job interview or a meeting, and proudly announced that you're a perfectionist
Social Media can sometimes feel like an extra job on top of being a dancer. Whether you are a dance
Freelancing in dance is not just about dance. Freelance writing is not just about writing. It's so much more -
Dancing on cruise ships
She's Irish, she's sarcastic, been to every single continent in the world, worked 6 cruise ship contracts, toured China, taught
How Much Dancers Make
Being a professional dancer is not just a job, it truly is a lifestyle. And since most dancers are freelancers,