What’s in my audition bag

I always base my articles on either what I would’ve liked to know when I was younger or, on the questions I’ve gotten online. This is a big one! If you haven’t read “27 audition tips” I highly recommend to read it here afterwards.

What’s in my audition bag? Let’s get into it. I  like to prepare for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  

  • Heels


  • Sneakers


  • Handheld mirror 
    I have the cutest little ipad-looking mirror that has a ringlight in it, because we cannot trust bathroom lighting these days.
  • Makeup – And setting spray!
    Obviously, you do your makeup from home, but you’re 10/10 times gonna sweat, so it’s nice to do a little touch up. Setting spray is a life saver for me and I always use it on tour and for auditions to help my makeup stay on my face while dancing. 

  • Hairties/bobby pins/dry shampoo/hair spray
    When I start sweating, my sweaty hair will immediately transform me into looking like a wet otter. But in dry shampoo I trust.

  • Vitamin C packs


  • Stanley Cup
    Please show up with a FILLED water bottle. It should be a federal felony to not have a water station in my eyes, but until the law-makers unite to change water-station laws, I would say, just assume there isn’t a water station. Bring it yourself.

  • Band Aid
    Or if you have injuries, bring whatever you need to be able to stay on top of that.

  • Coconut water


  • Snacks (Dry Mange/nuts/protein bar/chocolate/fruit)
    You don’t know how long your day will be, but just assume that you’ll be there for hours and hours. In my philosophy you can never bring too many snacks.

  • Booty Band
    I like to warm up with my bands.

  • Hoodie & Sweats
    Because you don’t know the AC situation or how much wait-time you’ll have. Please make sure to bring enough clothes, so you don’t get injured or sick in the cold.

  • Charger


  • Headphones
    To practice the choreographies, listen to meditation music or a bad-ass hype pre-audition playlist.

  • Headshots (in plural)
    We can do an entire article on headshots, but make sure that you bring it. If you have different looks printed out, I would bring some options. Make sure headshot and resumé is stapled back to back.

  • Notebook & Pen


  • Tampon + Midol + extra underwear
    You never know. And it’s an easy way to also be a good friend to someone else. The amount of times I’ve given out tampons to a fellow dancer and helped them because they forgot one is more than I can count on 2 hands.

  • Sunglasses, hat and sunscreen
    Unfortunately, they’ll have you wait outside sometimes, which in California means that it can be HOT. So many times, i’ve seen dancers get super burned because they couldn’t have predicted that they were gonna be waiting outside in a 100 degrees for an hour or two.

  • Wallet, ID


What I need to get

Foam roller 

You can get tiny portable ones that fit in your bag! I would love to bring one on tour and with me around to auditions and after classes. 

Some people bring books, so I’m putting it on the list for you. I would LOVE to be that girl, because it sounds so wholesome, but I’m not gonna lie – that’s not me in that environment, and I’ve tried a few times. For a set-day with a lot of waiting time, maybe! For an audition? No, not for me. But maybe for you if it brings you joy and calms you down when you have down time! 🙂 

Hope it’s helpful! 

If you have questions or requests on articles, DM me! I always reply to everyone – xoxo

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